Date of Birth


Resides in

New York, NY



Eye Color

Dark brown

Hair Color



Hunter (son)


Aaron (Boyfriend, Baby Daddy)
Ben Wheeler (Ex-romantic interest)


Riley Perrin

First Episode

Love and Carriage

Portrayed By

Jonna Walsh

Zoey Not much is known about Zoey. We know she likes Frontier Surgeons like Ben. She also has an ex-boyfriend who is the father of her child. She moved into the building at the beginning of season 5. She is portrayed by Jonna Walsh.

Character HistoryEdit

Season 5Edit

Zoey moved into the building in Season 5. She has feelings for Ben, but won't go on a date with him. She has a son named Hunter.

Ben meet Zoey while moving into their building. Finding her attractive Ben decided to ask her out. When he arrived to pick her he noticed she was very pregnant, and about to go as she put it. Ben left frustrated. Ben realized that he had made a mistake and returned apologize and took her for ice cream in the central park. On their date, her water broke and Ben had to deliver her baby in a horse-drawn carriage that Danny had gotten as a romantic gesture for Riley.

On several occasions, she tried to arrange bump into Ben. On one such occasion, Tucker caught her practicing talking to Ben. Tucker assumed she was think of him. Tucker then began planning a date between himself and Zoey, while Zoey though was under the impression Tucker was facilitating a date with Ben for her. The entire process came to a climax when Ben, Danny, Tucker, Zoey and Sam all had a misunderstanding on who was on a date with whom.

Later Riley made numerous attempts to fix them up, pointing out all the similarities they have. Ben and Zoey finally kiss in the bathroom as Ben steams up the bathroom while using the steam to open up Hunter's lungs from his coughing. 

But, Later she patch up with her ex-boyfriend just before Ben asks her to get together.

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