“Whatever Lola Wants”
Season 2, Episode 11
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Air Date

August 7, 2013


Frank Pines


Michael Lembeck

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Test Anxiety


The Christening

 "Whatever Lola Wants" is the eleventh episode of the second season of Baby Daddy.


Ben's girlfriend's dog is stolen while under his care.


Ben is left in charge of watching Megan's dog Lola, but the dog is not fond of Ben. Lola is then stolen by a cleaning crew that Danny hired to clean the apartment. Riley attempts to be re-hired at her previous law firm and tries convince her old boss (Kym Whitley) that she is tough enough to be a lawyer. Meanwhile Ben creates a setup to get the girls to rob Bonnie's apartment while the boys hide in the closet and catch them. Unfortunately Danny used his own phone to set them up - a number they recognise and while they are hiding in the closet the girls rob their place again while they just bought a new TV.

Riley tries to be tough by suing Bonnie for a bad spray-tan but ends up badly when Bonnie acts like she's crying and Riley tries to comfort her. In the end they threaten her boss by attempting to sue her for bad furniture and hurt her client (Bonnie also acted as if her leg and neck hurts) and she got her job back. Megan got Lola back by calling the police when the girls attempt to make a ransom with her and breaks up with Ben for not taking care of her and lying to her about it.


Main Cast


  • Bonnie is shown to still being a beautician which she took in the episode Ben's Big Gay-care Adventure.
  • Megan breaks up with Ben.
  • Riley gets her job back after passing her Bar exam.
  • Tucker is sensitive again about another living being coming into his apartment, which was shown in the Pilot, Guys, Interrupted and Test Anxiety.

Memorable Quotes

Danny: Dude, who the hell put all these dirty dishes in my bed?
Tucker: Probably the same person who couldn't find a clean bowl, and is being forced to eat his cereal out of a box!
Danny: Hey, that's a really good idea. Do we have another box?
Ben: Okay, people, fair warning: If you don't want it chewed up, ripped up or peed on, I suggest you move it to higher ground.
Danny: Oh, cool. Is grandma coming over?
Ben: No. Lola, Megan's dog. I volunteered to watch her while she's out of town.
Danny: Ben, that dog hates you.
Ben: Well, so did Megan before she got to know me. Seriously, I gotta figure out a way to get through to that dog. If I don't, I'm gonna be the one begging strangers to scratch my belly.
Tucker: Ben, no. You can't possibly bring one more living thing into this apartment. If you haven't noticed, we already have a baby (Emma) and a giant (Danny). Look, I really feel like you're starting to take advantage of me.
Ben: That is not true. (Door knocks) Hey, can you change Emma real quick? Thanks.
Tucker: Oh, my God.

Danny: (Bonnie cuts his hair) Hold my hand, Emma. I'm scared.
Bonnie: Quit your whining, Wheeler. Bonnie's beauty bar guarantees that you are going to love your new haircut. Oops. Not gonna love that.
Danny: Just That's it! We're done here. (Runs away)
Tucker: Oh, hey, Mrs. Wheeler. Quick question: Was Danny born messy or is he just honing his skills here?
Bonnie: Sadly, he came out that way. I actually stopped going into his bedroom after he turned 14...for multiple reasons. When we finally moved out, I just tossed a match in there and let the insurance company deal with it.
Ben: (Comes out of room) Stay, Lola, stay! No! Ow! I just don't get it! I play with her, nuzzle her, rub her. Why won't she love me?
Bonnie: Clearly, you've never been married.
Tucker: Hey, your hairy little lady friend kept me up half the night whining and yapping.
Bonnie: I could hear her all the way over at my place. And my blender was on full tilt for Margarita Monday.
Ben: Mom, it's Thursday.
Bonnie: Don't judge me.
Riley: (Comes in) Whoo! All right. Big news, people. So I have an interview tomorrow at my old law firm. I'm getting my job back.
Everyone: Nice.
Bonnie: Wait. The firm that fired you for not passing the Bar?
Riley: That is completely...not totally false. But, you know, I'm moving on. And I've passed the bar and I've brushed up on the latest case law, and I'm gonna show them that Riley Perrin, legal eagle, is back.
Bonnie: Oh, dear dear sweet naive little Riley, sure "knowledge" is great, but you might want to update your look. You know? Add a little pizzazz!
Riley: I've got pizzazz.
Bonnie: Honey, that was just p-sad. All right, boys, help me out here. Who you hiring? Smart or hot?
Boys: Hot. Totally hot.
Riley: Well, since Moe, Larry and Curly aren't on the selection committee, I think I'm good.
Bonnie: Really? Because Bonnie's beauty bar is now featuring home spray tanning.
Riley: Oh, I don't know. Those always look kinda fake.
Bonnie: Mm-hmm. Riley, take your pick. (Shows her legs which was spray tanned) Mocha frappuccino or cinnamon toast.
Riley: Well, I mean, maybe I could use a little color. (After spray tan, Riley screams) Oh, my god. What have you done to me?!
Bonnie: I don't know what happened. Oh, "dilute solution with water." Oh, I bet that was it.
Riley: My interview is tomorrow. What am I gonna do?
Bonnie: I know you're I won't charge you for this session.

Danny: Okay, gentlemen, I believe "thank yous" are in order. I have handled our whole sanitation situation. I have hired a cleaning crew.
Ben: Dude, that's great!
Tucker: No, not a great idea. I don't want a bunch of strangers coming up in here touching all my stuff.
Danny: I'd like for you to meet our cleaning crew, (Opens door to reveal to young girls) Ashley and Debbie.
Girls: Hi.
Tucker: Oh, please. Please come in and touch all of my stuff.
Ashley: We're just gonna get started, if that's okay.
Danny: Uh Guys, don't we have something better to do?
Tucker: Yeah yeah yeah. We coming, all right.
Ben: (At the same time with Tucker) Yeah, we're coming. We're doing it.
Danny: We're just gonna get out of your way. We need to pick up Emma at daycare and get a beer. Maybe not in that order. Ladies, just leave the key under the mat when you're done.
Ben: Oh, and you may want to stay out of my room. My girlfriend's dog is in there, And she's half-mop, half-devil.
Tucker: And my room is in the back. I could show you where it is, if you'd like. (Danny carries him out) Oh, my God. I love you.

Ben: They should be here by now. When you set this up, you said 3:00, right?
Danny: Yeah. But they might have had trouble understanding me because (Using a funny accent) I disguised my voice by using clever accent.
Ben: ... You didn't use your own phone, did you?
Danny: Yeah, what other phone would I use?
Ben: A phone that doesn't have a number they recognize! (Comes out of closet) Danny, what is the matter with you?! They know this whole thing was a setup. Those girls are never gonna show up now. (Door opens) They're here. Go go go go go go go! (Goes back in hiding) Come on, come on.
Riley: (Comes in with Bonnie) All you had to do was give me a heads-up. I mean, it would have been nice to know you were planning on auditioning for a telenovela.
Bonnie: I was good, wasn't I?
Riley: No. You...
Ben: (Comes out of closet) Hey, what are you guys doing here? (Bonnie and Riley shocked)
Bonnie: What are you doing here? And why are you doing it in my closet?
Ben: Danny hired a cleaning crew who robbed us and stole Megan's dog, so we hired them to rob you.
Bonnie: And happy Mother's Day.
Ben: Mom, they stole Megan's dog. I have to get her back. All I have left is this little pink whistle. (Ben blows the whistle and sounds of barking is heard) Lola? She's back in our apartment!
Danny: With the girls!
Tucker: And they are taking our new TV!
Ben: Go, go, go, go!