“The Emma Dilemma”
Season 2, Episode 14
Air Date

August 28, 2013


Brian Fernandes


Michael Lembeck

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"The Emma Dilemma", also known as "The Playdate's the Thing" is the fourteenth episode of the second season of Baby Daddy.


Ben and Tucker set up a rival playgroup.


Ben tries to get Emma included in the playgroup hosted by his upstairs neighbor Kayla, who still has a grudge against him and refuses to let Emma join. Ben tells Bonnie to sneak into her apartment with Emma because she doesn't know she's his mom and all babies look the same according to Ben, but eventually she found out so Ben hosts his own playgroup which didn't work out well. Danny seriously doesn't understand the signals Amy gives him, so Riley helps him understand the language of "girl" to patch things up with her and starts a salsa dance lesson which Amy likes, but Amy ends up misunderstanding them both and leaves.

Ben, Riley, Danny and Tucker goes to the bar after it's closed and gets drunk, with Riley talking some sense into the three of them (Tucker is thinking about breaking up with Vanessa and Riley says he should) Ben and Tucker go home and shouts at the fire escape. Bonnie can't stand it so she locks them both outside the fire escape while it's raining. A complaining Kayla comes to their door and Bonnie says that a good parent would make sacrifices for their children and convinces her to let Emma join the playgroup.

In the end, Ben and Tucker discuss about last night (They both have to spoon to get warm) while Danny got Riley's name tattoed on his wrist instead of Amy's.


Main Cast


  • Kayla comes back and she still seems to have a grudge ever since On the Lamb-y.
  • Tucker breaks up with Vanessa on the phone again. He did the same thing in Guys, Interrupted.
  • At the end of the episode, Amy tells Danny that she can't shake the feeling that he has feelings for Riley. This is inconsistent because earlier in the series, when Danny was meeting with Amy as his therapist, they talked about his feelings for Riley a lot. So Amy already knows that he has feelings for her.

Memorable Quotes

Ben: Oh, my God! That was brutal. Was that playgroup or a plot to kill me?
Bonnie: Okay, that was the worst two hours of my life. We should have filmed that and sold it as a P.S.A. For birth control.
Tucker: Well, I hope Emma had a good time. Because my wand sure didn't! Oh, and I don't even wanna tell you what I found in my top hat.
Bonnie: Okay, as a mother, I hate to admit this, but oh, my God, mothers are horrible! How do you put up with us?
Tucker: And all that breast-feeding! I can't believe that they ruined boobs for me. Boobs, people!
Talking about the playgroup they just hosted.

Ben: (Comes home with Tucker, both drunk) Ohh! Mom's sleeping. Shh.
Tucker: That was the loudest shush I've ever heard.
Ben: You're the loudest shush I've ever heard.
Tucker: What does that even mean?!
Ben: I don't know!
Bonnie: (Wakes up shouting) It means you should be out scarfing chili dogs like regular drunks!
Tucker: Chili dogs! That's what we were gonna get! I love you. (Pointing to Bonnie and both goes to the fire escape) Oh, my God. Watch out!
Ben: Ooh! Oh, my. You know what? Riley was right. This ends now. (Shouting) Kayla! I just want everyone to know (Tucker shushing) That Kayla in 5-D is a bad mom! She excluded my little girl from joining her stupid play group.
Tucker: Shh! Shh! I'm calling Vanessa and I'm gonna give her a mind of my piece.
Ben: (Still shouting) And it's all your fault that every other mommy in this building hates me now!
Tucker: Hey, is it too mean to break up with someone over a voice-mail? Oh, crap! That's what I just did.
Bonnie: Ben, it is 3:00 in the morning. Get in here! I'm not making out with another cop for you.
Ben: No! I'm not getting in there. I've got a lot more to say!
Bonnie: Fine. But I hope you have an umbrella. (Closes window)
Ben: Umbrella?
Tucker: That's funny. (Suddenly rains) Oh, my God! (Bonnie locks the window)
Ben and Tucker: (Ben) Mom! (Tucker) No! (Ben) Mom! Mom! (Tucker) Please! (Ben) Mom! (Doorbell rings)
Bonnie: I hope that's officer Gary. He's got a cloudy eye, but he's a good kisser.

Ben: So should we talk about what happened last night?
Tucker: It was raining and freezing. We had no choice...It was either spoon or die.
Ben: Fine. Fine. But we're never talking about it again.
Tucker: Nope.
Danny: Hey, guys. Crazy night, huh?
Ben: What happened to you? You and Riley kinda just disappeared.
Danny: I decided to make a bold and decisive move. I got Amy's name tattooed on my wrist.
Ben: Oh! What? Are you serious?
Tucker: Did it hurt?
Danny: Not really. Mainly because I kinda passed out. I just hopes she likes it. What do you think? (Opens cast and shows Ben, revealing Riley's name)
Ben: Honestly, I don't think Amy's gonna like it.
Talking about last night where Ben and Tucker stayed outside the fire escape when it's raining and Danny got the wrong name tattooed on his wrist.