“The Christening”
Season 2, Episode 12
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Air Date

August 14, 2013


Heidi Clements


Michael Lembeck

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"The Christening" is the twelfth episode of the second season of Baby Daddy.


Everyone gets together for Emma's christening - including Ben's dad.


It all started when Ben finds out that his great aunt Betty gave him a check when he was born but his parents spended it on a Hawaii trip. To make things up, Ray asks aunt Betty to come back for Emma's christening. There's just one problem - Aunt Betty hates the Wheelers' actions which she thinks are inhumane, so the Family pretend to be a happy normal family when their Aunt Betty comes to town so that she can give Emma (aka Ben) a big check. This also happens at a bad time when Ray's ex-boyfriend Steve, who proposed to him but Ray refused because he's not ready for a commitment, also comes to town to win Ray back. Ben then appoints Riley, who he named Emma's godmother, to choose Emma's godfather and she must mediate between Danny and Tucker on who should be Emma's godfather.

When the Godparents crew got fed up and calls for Ben, he named both Danny and Tucker Emma's godfathers and on Emma's christening, Danny invited Steve and he spills the beans, making Aunt Betty leave in disgust. In the end, Danny takes some holy water and the gang - along with Steve - christen Emma in the kitchen and they promise that they will always watch over her and make sure that she's always loved and happy and protected.


Main Cast


  • Ray makes his Season 2 debut.
  • Steve makes his debut in the show. He was mentioned in A Wheeler Christmas Outing.
  • Emma gets christened.

Memorable Quotes

Ray: But enough about me, what's going with you, kiddo?
Ben: Oh, it's funny you should ask. Today I learned that my mother and father looted my savings and stole my hopes and dreams.
Danny: He knows about aunt Betty.
Ray: Oh, son. I'm so sorry. You really needed that operation.
Danny: He also knows about Hawaii.
Ben: Dad, how could you spend all of my money?
Ray: You know what? It actually went pretty quickly.
Bonnie: Oh, yeah. Bbrooo.
Ray: Ben, I'm sorry. Look, I wish there was a way that I could make it up to you.
Ben: There is! You could invite aunt Betty to Emma's christening.
Ray and Bonnie: Oh. No no. (Laughs)
Ray: No, that's not gonna happen. No, she hasn't talked to us in years. She thought we were lunatics raising hooligans.
Bonnie: Yeah, and she would never approve of us now. I mean, divorced? Gay?
Ray: Hello.
Danny: Oh oh! Baby born outta wedlock.
Bonnie: Yeah. And those are our good qualities.
Ray: You know what I miss? Those mopeds.
Bonnie: He did not know about the mopeds!

Ray: Ha ha! Pour me a beer, son. We got something to celebrate.
Ben: What? You found a child you didn't know you had and stole its money too?
Ray: No. I convinced aunt Betty to get back into the Wheeler business.
Ben: You did?!
Ray: Yup.
Ben: Really? What happened?
Ray: I went to go visit her. I apologized. I told her the past was in the past. And she said she's willing to give us another shot.
Ben: And she's totally cool with everything?
Ray: Completely.
Ben: Did you tell her you're gay?
Ray: Never came up.
Ben: What about you and mom getting divorced?
Ray: Nope.
Ben: What'd you tell her about Emma? Oh, this is where it really gets good! I told her that Emma is being raised by an amazing father whose wife tragically died during childbirth. How great is that?!
Ben: Dad!
Ray: Ben, all we gotta do is pretend to be a perfectly normal all-American family for 24 hours and we are back in!
Ben: So you want all of us to lie about who we are and what we believe in so Emma can get a pile of money from an old woman?
Ray: Yeah!
Ben: Well, I think we know who I take after. Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho! Ha ha!

Riley: Okay. So a teenage Emma meets a boy.
Danny: Bam, beat the crap out of him.
Riley: Danny, the answer to every question can't be "beat the crap out of him." You're supposed to be there for guidance.
Danny: So I should teach her to beat the crap out of him?
Riley: Does that sound like moral and spiritual advice to you?
Tucker: Danny, I think what she's saying is we should tell Emma it's okay to beat the crap out of him.
Riley: Okay, we're getting off track. So let's try something else. Pretend I'm a...
Tucker: Okay, you're cute, a little awkward... I'm ready.
Riley: You come into my room and you find me hysterically crying because my boyfriend Oliver just broke up with me. And you know, I'm under my bed sobbing. And I'm eating double-stuffed cookies. I'm scribbling in my diary with my sparkly pen "I love Oliver" over and over again. What do you do?
Tucker: Okay, that seems like a lot of unnecessary detail.
Riley: He was gorgeous and I loved him.
Danny: And, if I recall, I beat the crap out of him. Bam, I rest my case.
The three discussing Emma's future for Riley to choose a godfather out of the two.

Danny: Tucker, we can do this, right? Be mature co-godfathers together? Just remember one thing. (Flicks holy water on Tucker's suit) I'm in charge.
Tucker: Hey, man, this is a brand-new suit. (Flicks Danny back)
Danny: Well, let me wash it for you. (Flicks back again)
Tucker: No, you did not just flick at me again. (Both keep flicking)
Ben: Hey hey hey. This place is sacred. What the hell are you two doing? Damn! I just said "hell. " Crap! I just said "damn".