“Take Her Out of the Ballgame”
Season 1, Episode 6
Riley competative
Air Date

August 1, 2012


Mark Amato


Arlene Sanford

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"Take Her Out of the Ballgame" is the sixth episode of the first season of Baby Daddy.


Riley is voted team captain of Ben's softball team.


Riley is voted as the new team captain of Ben and Tucker's softball team but takes the job too seriously. Tucker is tired of losing and when Riley jumps in to help them, he is excited about her until here competitive side come out and pushes the team to the limit. Emma can't stop playing with her food and spitting of splashing all over everyone. Meanwhile, Danny finds out that Bonnie is dating with his coach named Hank and is upset about that.

The softball team wants Ben back as captain because Riley is rough. They both tried to negotiate and became co-captains, with the team starting to win more. Danny apologises to Hank only for Hank to say he isn't interested in Bonnie, which cause Danny to fend for his mother by finding a guy for her, which freaks the one in his arms out while he keeps searching.


Main Cast


  • Ben and Riley became co-captains for a softball team, the B-Bar Brawlers, just like how Danny was on the same team with Riley when they were younger.

Memorable Quotes

Tucker: (Comes in with softball equipment) Found them. They were in the storage room next to the Christmas lights and what I thought was Mrs. Bart's lost chihuahua...... It wasn't.
Ben: Thanks man. And there will be no trash talking the B-Bar Brawlers.
Danny: I'm sorry. I just don't see the point of playing if you're not at least trying to win. Back me up here, Riley.
Riley: Oh no. I've known you both long enough to know that "back me up, Riley" is two seconds away from "Shut up, Riley. Who asked you?"
Ben: The point - wait for it - is to have fun, and the fun is what I bring. How do you think I got elected team captain?
Tucker: Well, you gave us free beer and ballots and said "vote for me".

Danny: You can't tell me you're actually okay with this. (Bonnie dating his coach)
Ben: I'm actually okay with this.
Riley: (Feeding Emma) Well, your mom dating your coach should make for some interesting pillow talk.
Danny: What? No pillows. How did there suddenly get to be pillows? They were just going to Happy Hour.
Ben: If I recall, the last girl you took to Happy Hour got so happy we got a noise complaint.
Danny: But that's different. They wouldn't... She's a mom!
Riley: And Ben's a dad. Hasn't slowed him down.
Ben: It would take a lot more than a baby.
Danny: That's it-- I can't think about this anymore. I'm going to go workout until even my brain is exhausted.
Ben: See ya' in 20. (Danny leaves and Ben talks to Riley) Any progress?
Riley: If she could eat through her nose, I'd say she's doing great.
Ben: (After successfully feeding Emma)..Aww.
Riley: Mystery solved. She's a Daddy's girl.
Ben: (Phone rings) Ah, Tucker and the guys are already at the field. I should finish feeding her. Mom's gonna be here soon, can you run my equipment down to the field for me? And take my mitt. You'll have fun. I promise.
Riley: (Holding the softball equipment) Oof. This weighed so much less when I weighed so much more.
Ben: You don't care about a shelf-full of trophies, do you? Your daddy's still a winner in your eyes, right? (Emma spits on him) I'll take that as a "yes.

Ben: Truth: I was kind of looking forward to winning for a change. Never really tried it before.
Riley: Well, I think you and the Brawlers can figure out how to do it without me.
Ben: Maybe. But what fun would that be?
Riley: Ben. Nobody wants me.
Ben: It doesn't matter. I want you. (Tosses a softball to Riley and Riley hits it and broke a car's windscreen) I think we should probably run.
Riley: Yeah. (Drops bat and runs with Ben)