Baby Daddy (Season 1)
Baby Daddy Season 1

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June 20, 2012 - August 29, 2012




Something Borrowed, Something Ben


Season 2

The first season of Baby Daddy premiered on June 20, 2012 in the US on ABC Family.


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June 20, 2012

Ben Wheeler (Jean-Luc Bilodeau), a flair bartender in his 20s becomes surprised when Emma, a baby girl, is left on his apartment doorstep by Angela, his ex-girlfriend.


I Told You So

June 27, 2012

Bonnie is worried that the guys can't handle taking care of Emma. Ben, wanting to avoid his mother's "I told you so" and prove he can handle taking care of Emma, acts as though he has everything under control.


The Nurse and the Curse

July 11, 2012

Ben and Tucker take baby Emma to her first doctor's appointment, and Ben ends up asking her nurse, Cassie (Briana Lane), out on a date. Meanwhile, Tucker mistakenly washes Danny's lucky jersey.


Guys, Interrupted

July 18, 2012

The guys appreciate all of Bonnie's help, but she is starting to become a little too overwhelming for them - showing up unexpected at their apartment at all hours.


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Married to the Job

July 25, 2012

A baby shower is thrown at the Wheeler apartment for Emma and Bonnie gets her a girly stroller that the guys take back to exchange for a much cooler one that attracts women.    


Riley competative
Take Her Out of the Ballgame

August 1, 2012


Riley is voted team captain of Ben and Tucker's softball team but takes it too seriously. Danny gets upset when he discovers that his mom is dating Hank, his coach.


Dance off
May the Best Friend Win

August 8, 2012

Ben and Tucker decide to let Ava, a girl they both met in a concert, decide who she will date. When Danny is asked to give a speech, he gets so nervous that Riley decides to help him.


Daddy whisper
The Daddy Whisperer

August 15, 2012

Ben decides to sign up for a "Mommy and Me" class where he meets Izzy, single mother who is very strict on baby proofing. Tucker and Danny are forced to watch the boxing match in the old laundry room after they get kicked out of the apartment by Ben. Bonnie and Riley get arrested.


A Wheeler Christmas Outing

August 22, 2012

 Ray, Danny and Ben's father, arrives at Ben's apartment for Christmas. Ben takes this opportunity to try and get his parents back together but soon discovers that his dad is actually gay. Riley and Tucker are riding in the car with boxes full of costumes when Tucker finds Danny's old journal. He discovers that his crush, "Girl X", is actually Riley.


Something borrowed
Something Borrowed, Something Ben

August 29, 2012

Riley is planning a wedding for her friend, Katie, and gets everybody involved. However, things soon get awkward when Ben and Katie wake up to find themselves in bed together. Katie feels so guilty that she calls of the wedding until Ben convinces her to go through with it.