“On The Lamb-y”
Season 2, Episode 7
Air Date

July 10, 2013


Nancy Cohen


Michael Lembeck

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Ben's Big Gaycare Adventure


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 "On The Lamb-y" is the seventh episode of the second season of Baby Daddy.


When Emma's stuffed animal goes missing, Ben is convinced someone stole it.


Ben, Tucker and Danny try to get Lamby, Emma's stuffed animal that she cannot manage to sleep without, from their new neighbor Kayla (Kelly Stables) who takes it from the elevator when Ben drops it. Meanwhile, Riley is hosting book club to impress her colleagues at the law firm, but with Bonnie being her roommate while her house is being fumigated causes a rivalry with Riley's mom, Jennifer (Caroline Rhea) and creates many disagreements during book club.

The boy's heist for Lamby got carried away when Kayla called the police, which surprises Bonnie because Ben is still holding Emma. As Their lawyer Riley convinces Kayla to settle the charges if Ben can give Lamby back, but Ben refuses to let go of it and with sweet words saying that he'll fight Emma's battles for her until she is old enough, Kayla allows her to keep the stuff lamb in exchange for them going away and never to speak to her again. Riley comes back to her apartment with Bonnie sleeping on her couch and finds out that Jennifer is jealous of Bonnie about Riley spending more time with the Wheelers. Riley reassures her that she will always be her daughter and that she will always love her. Once Jennifer leaves, Riley tells Bonnie (who was pretending to be sleeping and heard everything) to not say a word about it.

In the end, when the boys tells Emma her bedtime story they found Lamby under the couch, which means the stuffed sheep they're holding is really Kayla's.


Main Cast


  • Riley's mother Jennifer makes her debut.
  • It is shown that Emma needs three stuff toys named Douglas the wonder dog, Monica the squish-faced hippo and Lamby the lamb to make her sleep.

Memorable Quotes

Ben: (A story to Emma)Just when it looked like all hope was lost, the handsome prince (Danny poses) scaled the castle walls and climbed the tower (Pretends to be climbing) to slay the evil dragon. (Pretends he is slaying a dragon, Tucker)
Danny: (After "stabbing" Tucker twice yet he still doesn't fall) Would you die already?
Tucker: I've got scales made of forged steel. Okay? Plus I can breathe fire. (Danny and Ben stares) Fine. Ekk!
Ben: So with the kingdom now safe from annoying dragons, princess Emma could finally go off to sleep surrounded by her BFFs (Flush toys) Douglas the wonder dog Monica, the squish-faced hippo and last but not least, Lamby... Where's Lamby?
Danny: I don't know.
Ben: Guys, we need Lamby. She's never gone to sleep without him. (Emma cries) Oh no. Lip quivering, eyes filling, nose flaring. Guys, she's gonna lose it.
Tucker: She definitely had him at the park because I stopped a chihuahua from making it his girlfriend.
Danny: And I know she had it on the way to the gym because I dropped it in a puddle. I mean, she dropped it in a puddle.
Ben: What about after the gym?
Everyone: Gym Bag!
Ben: Go! Danny!
Danny: Found it! Tucker! (Tosses to him)
Tucker: Ben! (Tosses to Ben)
Ben: (Puts it beside Emma in her crib) Okay. And everyone in the kingdom lived happily ever after thanks to a stuffed lamb that kind of smells like puddle.

Ben: I don't think I've seen you around the building before. And I'm very observant.
Kayla: We just moved in Thursday.
Ben: And that's "we" as in you and your little... Yellow's always kind of a crap shoot.
Kayla: Boy. Justin.
Ben: And is he the only man in your life?
Kayla: Yep. Just us. I'm Kayla. 5D.
Ben: Ben and Emma, 4D. Which means you're right on top of me... I'm sorry, my mind went somewhere. Maybe we can have a playdate sometime. You can even bring the baby if you wanted.
Kayla: Wait a second, 4D? You must be Tucker's roommate.
Ben: You already met Tucker?
Kayla: Oh, he's so sweet. I'm having him over for dinner tonight. He helped me move in.
Ben: He's always moving in on something.

Danny: Oh, perfect timing, Emma. Ready to knock back a cold one with your Uncle Danny? Hey, if you're still hungry, you can have half my hoagie.
Ben: Dude, not every baby can eat a hoagie at six months. You were the exception.
Danny: I know. That's why I was gonna put it in the blender.
Tucker: Oh hey, man. What's going on?
Ben: Just met the new mom up in 5D.
Tucker: Oh, the future Mrs. Tucker Dobbs? Yeah, you can step away right now because I have already put my scent just all over that. (Gesturing her body)
Danny: Ben, where's Lamby?
Ben: He's in there. I finally wised up and put him on a leash.
Danny: This leash? Dude, Lamby's not in here.
Tucker: You lost Lamby? What is wrong with you?
Ben: It's okay. He's definitely in the building. I just heard his "Baaa" in the lobby when I was going through other people's magazines.