“New Bonnie vs. Old Ben”
Season 2, Episode 3
Air Date

June 12, 2013


Vince Cheung & Ben Montanio


Bob Koherr

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The Wheeler and Dealer


The Slump

 "New Bonnie vs. Old Ben" is the fourth episode of the second season of Baby Daddy.


Bonnie moves into the apartment across the hall from Ben's place; Ben and Tucker do all they can to get her to move out. Riley helps Danny break up with his supermodel girlfriend, Milena. When all is not working, Ben decides to have a party in Bonnie's new apartment which ended badly with Bonnie getting evicted and Tucker, Riley and Danny having a serious hangover. Then Milena showed up but Danny still can't say the right words to break up with her. So, to ease his mind Riley kisses him and he breaks up with Milena. When they talked about the kiss bomb, Danny muttered to himself that he regret it didn't last long. Meanwhile, to make up for the things he did, Ben bought an apartment for Bonnie - just across the street so Bonnie can spy on the boys.


Jean-Luc Bilodeau as Ben Wheeler

Tahj Mowry as Tucker Dobbs

Derek Theler as Danny Wheeler, Jr

Melissa Peterman as Bonnie Wheeler

Chelsea Kane as Riley Perrin

Mila and Zoey Beske as Emma Wheeler


  • It is revealed Ben's full name is Benjamin Bon Jovi Wheeler.
  • Danny breaks up with Milena.
  • Bonnie now lives in an apartment around the corner and can now see the boy's apartment and what they're doing through the window.
  • Fitch comes back from traveling.

Memorable QuotesEdit

Tucker: (Using Emma and carrier for weightlifting) Twenty-eight. Ooh-hoo-hoo. Twenty-nive. Oh, it burns. Whew! Thirty. Hoo.
Danny: You are lucky she can't count, 'cause I'm pretty sure that was three.
Tucker: Hey, don't hate, okay? Emma is the perfect workout. As she bulks up, so do I.
Danny: Okay. Well, if your goal is to be able bench your own body weight, it looks like you're right on track.
Ben: (Comes back) Oh yeah! Gentlemen, the God of fun and irresponsible behavior is smiling down upon us.
Tucker: Yeah, we got that when he dropped off your baby.
Ben: No. We're having a party!
Danny: Yes! Finally! You've been promising me a party ever since I moved in here!
Ben: And it is gonna be epic. Nobody throws a cooler, wilder, crazier party than we do.
Tucker: What is wrong with you? You know we can't have a party here after that last one. I woke up in the alley.
Danny: I wanna wake up in the alley!
Tucker: No, I meant "we can't," as in "that's what the large legal document nailed to our front door said." If we have another party in this apartment, we are out.
Ben: The key word is "this apartment" and the other key word is "key", as in this one to Apartment 4C!
Danny: (It's an apartment just across) Isn't it vacant?
Ben: Exactly. And our dear, sweet landlord, sir hairy-back lazy-ass, has been leaving the key under the mat for prospective tenants. So until somebody moves in - which we will all make sure never happens - we have ourselves a party space.
Tucker and Danny: Yes! (Elevator dings)
Bonnie: (Comes out of elevator) Hi, boys. Ooh! Is that the key to 4C? Thanks.
Ben: Mom. Wh...what are you doing?
Bonnie: What does it look like I'm doing? I'm moving in. Oh, this is perfect! (The boys complain)
Tucker: Where's your God of fun now, huh?

Danny: Hey bro! amazing party. Too bad I'm about to be an only child.
Ben: Yeah, I know. I didn't mean for it to get this wild.
Danny: Don't worry. I won't let Emma forget you.
Ben: You have to help me shut this down.
Danny: It's way too late for that. (Bonnie comes in behind Ben)
Ben: What do you mean? It's not too late.
Bonnie: Benjamin Bon Jovi Wheeler!
Riley: (Half-drunk)Bonnie!
Ben: It's too late!

Tucker: (Danny, Riley and Tucker having a hangover when Riley clanged a spoon in a cup) Oh! Oh. Must you? It feels like an entire village is running through my head, fleeing from an erupting volcano. But just as they reach the beach Shark attack. (Spoon clatters) Oh my God.
Ben: (Comes in) Whoo!
Danny, Riley and Tucker: Oh my God!
Ben: I think I got all the water up and I don't think there's any real, permanent damage.
Bonnie: Well, it's official. (Slams door and the three wails) At the ripe old age of ( Mumbles ) I'm homeless!
Ben: They can't evict you. - Just tell 'em it was my fault.
Bonnie: Oh, no, Ben, I can't do that, because then Emma would be homeless. I mean, what was so horribly bad about me living across the hall?! I'm a delight! Yeah, I cannot believe that you did all of this just to get rid of me!
Ben: I guess I just wanted my space!... Which, now that I say it out loud, sounds kind of selfish.
Bonnie: Well, congratulations, you've got your space now. (Opens door)
Danny: She's gonna slam it again, isn't she?
Bonnie: Yeah, and harder this time! (Slams door and the three wails again)
Ben: Next time I have a brilliant idea, someone remind me that I'm an idiot.
Tucker: Okay okay, new rule: Nobody else speak until further notice.
Milena: Good morning! (Tucker clutches his fists) You were so funny last night, Tucker. (Hits Tucker on the back causing him to throw up and leaves)

Milena: Is everything okay?
Danny: No, it's not. Take a seat. We need to talk. ( Sighs ) Milena, I...
Milena: What is it?
Danny: Umm...You see...There's this...
Riley: Oh, for the love of God, Wheeler. (Kisses Danny)
Danny: I can't marry you, the whole ring thing was an accident and I don't think we're right for each other.
Riley: And spell broken.
Milena: Why? I don't understand. Is it because the two of you are...
Riley: Oh, us? No no. I was just using my powers to help him focus.
Danny: I'm sorry. I know I should've told you all this before.
Milena: But what happened? I thought we were so good together.
Danny: We are. I'm just not ready to make a commitment.
Milena: And I'm not ready to be with boy who cannot.
Danny: We can still be friends.
Milena: That's worse than "It's not you, it's me."
Riley: I actually tried to tell him that.

Ben: Hey, Mom.
Bonnie: Don't worry. I've got people coming to get the boxes. Fortunately, Aunt Shirley is letting me stay in one side of her double-wide.
Ben: Mom, I don't...
Bonnie: You know what is so funny about this, Ben? You were my inspiration to make this move! When I saw what you did with your life when Emma came into it, I thought, "I could do that! I could change, too!" But how can I be New Bonnie when I'm stuck with old Ben?
Ben: Wait. (Handing her a file)
Bonnie: Oh, what's this? All of my squashed hopes and dreams in a convenient carrying case?
Ben: It's a lease For a nice apartment around the corner.
Bonnie: Really?
Ben: Look, I know what I did was selfish and immature - not two of my best qualities, but I want to change. I wanna be the guy you think I am, the guy you think I can be. And this is my way of saying that I'm sorry and I'm trying. You forgive me?
Bonnie: Ben, I'm your mother. Forgiving you is a full-time job. But it's one that I love.


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