“Never Ben in Love”
Season 2, Episode 8
Air Date

July 17, 2013


Dan Berendsen


Michael Lembeck

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 "Never Ben in Love" is the eight episode of the second season of Baby Daddy.


Ben has a hard time wanting to get intimate with Megan, he begins to think that he may be in love with her. Riley is thinking about breaking up with Fitch because they have nothing in common but found out that Fitch is dead. When they meet Fitch's dad, Winston (Diedrich Bader) Bonnie finds out that he's rich and tries to With Fitch's passing, Tucker comes up with a bucket list, which a calls a "Tucket List" and tries to complete it. At Fitch's funeral, Ben confronts Megan about his feelings for her which she thinks is not normal and wants the old Ben back. They both kiss and have sex in a random room in the house. Danny shows Riley a video with Fitch wanting to break up with her which he didn't send, which explained by Fitch (who is actually still alive) is bacause he wants to marry her. Riley is touched but can't accept his proposal saying she wishes he was the right guy for her.


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  • When Tucker is writing his Tucket List, he mentions wanting to have a show called "Hey Tucker!". Tahj Mowrty actually has a show called "Hey Tucker!" in which Jean-Luc Bilodeau has guest starred.
  • Ben says that he loves Megan (The Daycare assistant he tried to go out with in Ben's Big Gaycare Adventure".
  • Riley breaks up with Fitch.

Memorable Quotes

Ben: Okay. Saddle up, people! Megan's gonna be here any minute. Time to move 'em on up and get 'em on out.
Bonnie: (Holding Emma) Hold your horses, cowboy. Well, actually, if you knew how to do that, we wouldn't have this little buckaroo.
Riley: (Comes in) Oh, good. You're home.
Ben: No no no no no. Whatever it is, now is not a good time. Unless you're leaving. Because then, now would be a perfect time.
Riley: I need someone to talk to about Fitch. I'm breaking up with him.
Bonnie: (Gasps) Oh my God. Talk slow. Don't leave anything out.
Ben: What's there to tell? You already gave away the ending. You're dumping him. Thanks for stopping by.
Riley: He lives in Africa. What was I thinking?
Bonnie: Gorgeous, smart and dedicated to helping others. You're right. You could totally do better.
Riley: I know all that. But it's cancelled out by that weird giggly laugh and that stupid feather necklace he wears all the time. I mean, it's hideous, right? (Lets Bonnie see the picture in her phone which Bonnie gasps) We have nothing in common.
Ben: Riley, no one is arguing with you. So why don't you go call him and share the news?
Riley: I can't, because he's on some stupid two-week trek for the orphanage in Africa. See? No time for me.
Danny: (Comes out from the bathroom half-naked) Hey, Ben. I really like these new towels you got. You got to use a lot of them, but they're super soft.
Ben: Those are hand towels! And they're not for you. They were for Megan. I really need everything to be perfect.
Tucker: (Comes out) Okay, Bromeo, here is my sexy candle. One whiff of that and inhibitions won't be the only thing dropping.
Danny: (Wears a shirt) Oh, so that's what this is all about. You haven't closed with Megan yet.
Ben: I don't know what's wrong. I've never had this problem before. Every time I try to make a move, I get all nervous and flustery.
Riley: You sound like a girl... I mean, you must really like this girl.
Ben: Yeah, I do. But you want to know what I'd like even more? For all of you to grab your jackets, purses, wallets, underage loved ones, and get out. (Opens door to see Megan)
Megan: Oh. Ok.
Ben: No, not you Megan, come on in. Okay (Megan greets everyone and they greet back) Out, out, out!
Bonnie: FYI, we already got one of these. (pointing at Emma)

Riley: (In the elevator) Thanks again for coming with me, Mrs. Wheeler. I just I don't think I could face Fitch's family alone.
Bonnie: You know I'm always here for you. You're still buying me lunch afterwards, right?
Riley: Just I can't believe my last words to him were "What? I can't hear you. God, your phone sucks!"
Bonnie: At least it wasn't "See you in hell, old man!" (Looks at floor) Sorry, grandpa.
Riley: Fitch says he hasn't talked to his dad in years. So he's probably gonna ask me a million questions. I don't know what I'm gonna say. I barely knew Fitch. That was one of our problems.
Bonnie: You're gonna be fine. Just give him the box of Fitch's stuff. Offer a quick "Heaven just got another angel. " As long as you get in, get out and get it over with, Riley, you'll (Elevator door opens) Hit the jackpot. Why didn't you tell me Fitch was loaded?
Riley: Because he never told me. He said that money makes humanity ugly.
Bonnie: Yeah, but it sure makes apartments awfully pretty.
Winston: Riley? Winston Douglas, Fitch's dad.
Riley: Heaven just got another angel.
Bonnie: Wait. Winston Douglas? Scourge of Wall Street? Indicted for insider trading and racketeering? A gazillionaire a dozen times over?
Winston: That's me.
Bonnie: Bonnie Wheeler, huge fan.
Riley: I'm sorry, Mr. Douglas. This is my...
Bonnie: Friend. We're girlfriends. You were probably thinking sisters.
Winston: Well, I am eternally in this young woman's debt. Thanks to you, my son and I reconciled just days before he passed.
Riley: Me? What did I do?
Winston: He called the old man to say he met the girl he was gonna marry.
Riley: He was gonna ask me to marry him?
Winston: Well, his phone sucked, but I think that's what he said. (Bonnie laughs)

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Ben: (Sees Tucker wearing an ovesize coat) Tucker!
Tucker: What? Man, I always try on people's coats at parties. They keep such random things in their pockets. Oh, look. (Takes a spray out of the coat pocket and sprays mouth. Gasping cough) Oh my God, that was not breath spray.
Ben: Okay, well, if you see Megan, tell her I need to talk to her.
Tucker: Uh-huh. (Ben leaves and Megan comes) Megan, hey, um. Ben really needs...
Megan: Consider the message delivered. I just need to get my coat and get out of here.
Tucker: I think you're making a really big mistake.
Megan: So did the guy who sold you that coat. Tucker, you don't know what's going on.
Tucker: No, I do know. And I know Ben. And he has never acted like this before. And he's dated a lot of girls... I mean a lot.
Megan: Thanks, already feeling better.
Tucker: Listen, you are the first girl to completely shut him down, to knock him off his game. Let me tell you something about guys. We're actually really simple. The more we like a girl, the stupider we get. Basically we become bumbling, immature, slack-jawed idiots also known as Ben.
Megan: But that's just it. I don't know that Ben. I want the Ben I first fell for. You know, the less weird one.
Ben: (Behind her) He's right here. Megan, listen, I don't know what we have or what to call it. All I know is I've honestly never felt this way before. And I know I keep screwing this up, but I'm new at this. And I just need to...wait. I know what I need to do. (Kisses her)
Megan: Now see, that was perfect.
Tucker: Yes! Number 43. Oh my bring a couple together at a funeral. Thanks, guys. Thought I'd never get that one. Swag! (Leaves)
Ben: So maybe we'll just take it slow this time?
Megan: Hopefully not as slow as we've been taking it.
Ben: So... Madame, I believe you were looking for your coat. (Goes into a random room)

Danny: It's weird. Fitch is the first dead person I ever met.
Tucker: And that is why I am honoring him with my Tucket List.
Ben: Your what?
Tucker: My Tucket List. You know? All the important things I want to do before I die. Look. Swim with the dolphins. Run with the bulls. Date twins named Mandy and Sandy.
Danny: Fitch's death is all that I've been able to think about. Hey, did you close with Megan yet?
Ben: Actually, she was the one who closed...the my face.
Tucker: Dude, what are you talking about? You guys were perfect together.
Danny: Yeah, I thought you really and I mean really liked her.
Ben: Yeah, I do, but I'm truly not myself around her. I don't know what's wrong.
Danny: You ever consider that you might not just like her? You could actually be in love with her.
Ben: What? No, I am not in love. I've only ever loved three women in my life. Emma, mom and Mrs. Rubenstein, my first grade teacher... Now that was a woman.
Tucker: I don't know. I think I might actually agree with the big guy on this one. Do you try to smell her hair whenever she's around?
Ben: Of course. It smells like sunshine.
Danny: Know her favorite flower?
Ben: Daisies.
Tucker: Eyes?
Ben: Blue with little gold flecks.
Danny: Movie?
Ben: The Notebook.
Tucker: Watch it with her?
Ben: Twice. (Everyone groans)
Danny: You've got it bad. You, little brother, are in love.
Ben: No, no. It's not possible.
Danny: Has Fitch's death taught you nothing? Life is short, bro.
Tucker: Yeah, which is why we make lists. And falling in love should be at the very top. Well, right next to having your own talk show called "Hey Tucker".
Danny: I'm telling you, if you just let her walk away, you're gonna regret it.
Ben: You're right. You're totally right. Can you finish feeding Emma? I'll be right back.
Tucker: What is love? Next on "Hey Tucker".