“Never Ben Jealous”
Season 5, Episode 6
Air Date

March 9, 2016


Joshua Malek


Michael Lembeck

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The Return of the Mommy

 "Never Ben Jealous" is the sixth episode of the fifth season of Baby Daddy.

Summary Edit

Ben wants to prove that Danny is jealous of Riley's continued friendship with him, so he is willing to put himself in awkward situations involving Riley to get Danny in a jealous rage. Tucker continues to have casual sexual flings with Sondra, but ends up finally calling things off for good, having reached his patience with her annoying high-pitched voice. But Tucker later ends up changing his mind, when he hears that Sondra's voice is a lot more pleasant and deeper when she drinks alcohol, so he has her drink all the time when she is with him. Riley is tasked with giving a heartfelt speech to Benard Bender (Tom Fitzpatrick), one of the elderly founding members of her law firm who is retiring. Bonnie plans to use the opportunity to get close to Mr. Bender to elevate her real estate business.


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