“Mugging for the Camera”
Season 4, Episode 5
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Air Date

January 28, 2015

Episode Guide

I See Crazy People


Over My Dead Bonnie

 "Mugging for the Camera" is the fifth episode of the fourth season of Baby Daddy.


Danny is now living in Riley's place, to continue to avoid letting his family know that he is back in town.

Bonnie tries exploiting Emma by putting her in ridiculous outfits to make money.

Tired of interviewing celebrities, Mary Hart puts pressure on Tucker to find a "regular person" to be a guest on her talk show. After Ben and Riley are mugged, and a newspaper writes that Riley saved her loser boyfriend, Tucker convinces Riley to go on the show. While taping in the alley where the mugging took place preinterview, Tucker notices that there is a security camera that would have caught the whole mugging, and he asked Bonnie to get the tape. During the interview Ben, who at first felt emasculated by Riley, is very supportive, but when Mary says she has the security tape, Riley confesses that it was actually Danny who saved the day. This leads to an on-air argument about Riley covering for Danny secretly being back from Paris. As the couple leave in a fight, the show cuts to what is meant to be the security tape, but it turns out Bonnie was not able to get the tape, and so she shows one of the videos she has made of Emma.



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