“Married to the Job”
Season 1, Episode 5
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Air Date

July 25, 2012


Lester Lewis


Michael Lembeck

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Guys, Interrupted


Take Her Out of the Ballgame

"Married to the Job" is the fifth episode of the first season of Baby Daddy.


A potential new boss assumes Ben and Riley are married.


When Ben hears of an open management position at the bar, he enlists Riley's help to prove to the owner, Henderson, that he’s responsible enough for the job. Tucker and Danny exchange the super-girly stroller Bonnie bought for a much cooler one – one that seems to be a total girl magnet.

Riley pretends to be Ben's wife but can't stand Ben's actions like flirting with other girls. Danny eventually gets her out of the ruckus but it was convincing enough for Henderson to give Ben the job, which he turns down to be able to spend more time with Emma. Tucker and Bonnie keeps changing strollers until they decided to get the girly stroller back after Tucker made a deal with her to not let anyone know tried to hit on a girl, not knowing it was her.

While Bonnie is on her way to change her stroller back, a guy suddenly compliments the magnet stroller and Bonnie turns back.


Main Cast


  • Tucker tried to hit on a random girl who turns out to be Bonnie.
  • The boys and Bonnie argued about the stroller but decided on the blue one instead of the "Princess Carriage" after Bonnie got hit on by a man who complemented the stroller.

Memorable Quotes

Bonnie: (Ben opens door) Finally. There's my little princess.
Ben: Mom, remember, the school therapist said you had to stop calling me that.
Bonnie: I thought Emma was with you. I got us matching outfits.
Ben: She's out with the guys.
Bonnie: Something wrong?
Ben: No.
Bonnie: Did something happen at work?
Ben: No, why? I'm good.
Bonnie: Honey, you can't hide things from me. Chip my windshield, I knew it. Set the basement on fire, I knew it. Got a girl pregnant...Oh my God, you did not get a girl pregnant again, did you? Somebody get me a banana and a condom!
Ben: No! I swear, once is enough. Do you think I could ever be more than a bartender?
Bonnie: Honey, it wasn't the community-college fairy who left all those brochures under your pillow. Of course you can do more. You can be whatever you want to be.
Ben: There's a manager position open at work.
Bonnie: Okay, let's not go crazy.
Ben: It's not just about me any more. It's Emma's future too.
Bonnie: Well then, you go back there and don't take "No" for an answer. Unless there's a chance he might fire you from the job you already have for being too pushy. Then, you know what? I'd just let it go.
Ben: Thanks for the pep talk, Mom.
Bonnie: Anytime, princess.

Tucker: (To a girl) Yeah I just love being an uncle. Although technically I'm more of a friend. I guess that makes me a fruncle.
Girl: Ok, fruncle. Let's see that phone. (Writes phone number) Call me.
Tucker: Ok.
Danny: (The girl leaves) Impressive. You seem to be getting the hang of this. You up for a little challenge?
Tucker: I'm listening.
Danny: We each take a block. Whoever lands the most numbers, gets the stroller the whole rest of the day.
Tucker: Game on. But I gotta warn you - Tucker's in the zone.
Danny: Thanks for the heads-up, fruncle. I get this block.
Tucker: Wait wait wait. You get the yogurt shop and the nail salon?
Danny: Woo! Is it ever hot out today? (Takes off shirt) Hey! Hey, man!
Tucker: That is not fair. Hey! I wanna re-negotiate!

Ben: Wait. You took out the stroller? Mom just put Emma down 10 minutes ago.
Danny: Turns out, the baby part is optional. (Shows only a blanket in the stroller) You just say she's asleep and nobody looks inside.
Ben: Ok, but Mom's still here. Now.
Tucker: Again?
Danny: Go!
Tucker: Oh my God. (Leaves house)
Bonnie: (Comes out of room) Is that Tucker?
Danny: He went that way. (Pointing the door and Bonnie rushes out) I don't know which is more fun, siccing Mom on tuck, or cruising around with that stroller. Ben, you gotta get in on it.
Ben: Can't. I have a wife now. (Hugging Riley)
Danny: Wait. How long were we gone?
Riley: We are pretending to be married so that he can get a promotion.
Ben: Oh, which reminds me, I picked this up on my way home. (Takes ring out) Riley, will you do me the honor of being my wife?
Riley: Sure. Yes. I do. (While Ben wears the ring on her finger)
Danny: Riley, are you sure this is a good idea?
Riley: (Straight) I'm fine! (And then back to Ben) So when did you first know you were in love with me?
Ben: Um, after we had sex.
Riley: Come on! You have to paint a picture. It has to be something romantic, like...
Danny: Spring Break, freshman year. Down by the reservoir. You were wearing a blue dress. And the sun was setting so it made it look like you had a halo.
Riley: Exactly. Something like that, but not so sappy.