Logan is one of Danny's flings. She is a reporter.


Danny Wheeler

Logan and Danny meet when Logan is assigned to review Danny's hockey team. Logan gave Danny a bad review before, much to Bonnie's dismay. At first Bonnie thought Logan was a boy but when she was revealed as a girl Bonnie asked Danny to try to get a good review. Danny ends up sleeping with her making Logan scared and mad that she was going to loose her job. She tells Danny that if he wants a good review he has to play better, and she also states that he can't take a hit about his Hockey playing. Danny then writes his own review and states that she was right, he has to take criticism. They then say that they won't sleep together anymore, but at the end of the episode they are shown to have slept together again. It was unknown if they were together after because she was never shown , no one knows why though. The End.