Jennifer Perrin
Full Name

Jennifer Perrin



Resides in

New York, NY

Eye Color


Hair Color



Riley Perrin (Daughter) Unborn Granchild

First Episode

On the Lamb-by

Portrayed By

Caroline Rhea Alex Kapp Horner

Jennifer Perrin is the mother of Riley Perrin. Jennifer's sister Margot had Riley when she was a teenager, so Jennifer decided to raise Riley as her own. She currently resides in New Jersey with Riley's father.


Bonnie WheelerEdit

Bonnie is Danny and Ben's mother. Jennifer and Bonnie went to school together and Jennifer always was jealous of Bonnie. This jealousy resulted in a bad relationship between the two.

Riley PerrinEdit

Riley is the daughter of Jennifer Perrin.

Ben Wheeler

Jennifer does not like Ben Wheeler, citing him as a troublemaker and a delinquent. In Home is Where The Wheeler is, Jennifer is seen to still be upset about the lawn gnome that Ben stole from her in 1998. Instead of worrying about Ben's health when he fell from Riley's window in the same episode, Jennifer chastised him for denting her lawn.

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