“It Takes a Village Idiot”
Season 4, Episode 14
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Air Date

June 10, 2015


Janae Bakken


Michael Lembeck

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Home Is Where the Wheeler Is


One Night Stand Off

"It Takes a Village Idiot" is the fourteenth episode of the fourth season of Baby Daddy.

Summary Edit

Tucker, Riley, Danny and Bonnie are all tired of being exploited by Ben who always passes off Emma to them to go on dates. So they take a stand, with Ben having to fend for himself when taking care of Emma, all while continuing to have a dating life. Bonnie and Danny take a cooking class taught by Tommy Kwan (Brian Tee), a popular chef who turns out to be a misogynist. With Danny not talking to Riley as much as he used to, she takes advice from Tucker and creates a fake boyfriend to try to make Danny jealous. Tucker also still pretends that he is still dating Christine, even though she has not spoken to him in weeks.


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