“It's a Nice Day for a Wheeler Wedding”
Season 4, Episode 22
Air Date

August 5, 2015


Dan Berendsen & Heidi Clements


Michael Lembeck

Episode Guide

What Happens In Vegas


Love and Carriage

"It's a Nice Day for a Wheeler Wedding" is the twenty-second episode of the fourth season of Baby Daddy.


It's time for Brad and Bonnie's wedding. However, just before the wedding, Bonnie's wedding planner cancels and she leaves Tucker in charge. Then, Charlotte, Bonnie's friend volunteers to help out instead. Through research, Tucker finds out that Charlotte is planning a revenge plot to ruin Bonnie's wedding.

Meanwhile, Ben is still trying to understand that Danny has feelings for Riley. He also begins to think about what he is going to do. So, at the wedding he decides to make a speech about how Riley and Danny should be together. He wanted to do the right thing and knows that he can't keep his brother from loving someone else. He also helps Danny make a romantic gesture.



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