“I Told You So”
Season 1, Episode 2
Air Date

June 27, 2012


Dan Berendsen


Michael Lembeck

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The Nurse and the Curse

"I Told You So" is the second episode of the first season of Baby Daddy.


Miscommunication between Ben and the guys causes their "foolproof" baby-sitting schedule for Emma to fall apart.


Bonnie is worried that the guys can't handle taking care of Emma. Ben, wants to avoid his mother's "I told you so's", so to prove her wrong he comes up with a "plan". Unfortunately the plan backfires, when they have trouble taking care of Emma.

In a series of mishaps, Emma ends up accidentally being left alone in the guys apartment. Luckily Bonnie, who came back after Riley talked to her about lightening up towards Ben, comes to the aparment and takes her with her. When they come back, Ben, feeling his first parental gut wrenching scare of feeling that he could have lost his child, realizes he needs to get his act together to really become a good parent to Emma and asks his mother for help, in which she says "I told you so".





  • Chloe is Ben's first love interest.
  • Bonnie was married to another man named Larry before she married Ben and Danny's father.
  • Bonnie has two tattoos.

Memorable Quotes

Danny: (Take Emma's baby bottle and put some milk into his mug, drink it and nod.)
Tucker: That's disgusting.
Danny: Want some?
Tucker: Hit me.

Tucker: You just said you were gonna figure it out.
Ben: And that's what I'm doing. Come on guys. I've been working on Chloe for like five weeks.
Tucker: Ok, look. You can probably tell from the extra hair product and the fact that the big guy showered (Gestured Danny)...that we have plans.
Danny: Sorry, little bro. Work this one on your own.(Danny and Tucker leave)
Ben: I can't believe you're gonna make me do it. I'm invoking the Bro Code.
Tucker: (Comes back with Danny) Are you serious?
Ben: (To Tucker) June 21st, 2010. Who covered for you when Vanessa caught you flirting with that unnaturally enhanced waitress, huh? (To Danny) Senior year. Who told Jessica Feltshank that you were sick in bed when, in fact, you were having carnal knowledge of her sister in our tree house? Answer to both? I did.
Tucker: Fine. Just go.
Ben: Yes! Don't wait up. (Goes in, changes his jacket and comes back out) And remember, she needs a second bottle around 10:00.
Tucker: I hate that code.
Danny: I love that tree house.

Bonnie: So I divorced Larry, I rushed home and I married Danny Sr, which is what I should have done in the first place.
Riley: So, oddly, if this hadn't happened, your two greatest accomplishments never would have been created.
Bonnie: How did you know about my tattoos?
Riley: I'm talking about Danny and Ben. Your sons never would have been born.
Bonnie: That's a really good point, but maybe next time you could try it without the sledgehammer.
Riley: Even I can tell that you're being especially hard on Ben lately. I mean, I know he'd hate me for telling you this, but he could really use your help.
Bonnie: Well, I am trying to. He won't let me.
Riley: Maybe because it's not worth the "I told you so" that always comes with it.
Bonnie: Well, I'm a mother. It's a package deal.
Riley: Well, you didn't get to be a mom without making a few mistakes, Mrs. Hoffman. So, maybe if you could admit that you weren't always so perfect Ben could admit that he needs help.
Bonnie: You're just not gonna let it go, are you?
Riley: Not until you go talk to him. He needs you.
Bonnie: Thanks, Riley. You know, you've turned out to be a pretty smart young lady. I think you might just make a go of this.
Riley: Being a lawyer?
Bonnie: No, keeping the weight off. You barely touched the cheese board.

Bonnie: Hello? Is anyone here? Ben? Danny? The other one? Oh, this is gonna be the mother of all "I told you so"s.

Danny: (Rushes into the house with Tucker) Emma!
Bonnie: Well, if it isn't (Danny and Tucker run past her) me standing here, talking to myself.
Danny: Is she all right?
Riley: She's got three boys fawning over her. Works for most girls.
Tucker: Emma, I am so sorry.
Danny: This will never happen again.
Ben: Guys, it's all right. We all make mistakes. But I think we could definitely use some help. (Looks at Bonnie) I need you, mom. (Hugs her)
Riley: Wait for it.
Bonnie: I told you so.