Fitch Douglas
Full Name

Fitch Douglas





Resides in

Africa New York



Eye Color


Hair Color



Wendy (wife; deceased)

Riley (ex-girlfriend)


Ben Wheeler

First Episode

"I'm Not That Guy"

Portrayed By

Matt Dallas

Fitch Douglas was Riley's boyfriend for much of Season 2.

He and Riley met at a party where Riley was invited and stood up by Ben.

In "Something Fithy Is Going On", it is revealed that Fitch is a widower since his wife died about a year earlier. He is also a doctor and a bartender and worked in Africa for charity and helping kids. Fitch is assumed dead in "Never Ben in Love" when all that is found is his necklace and laptop. Fitch had always shared videos with Riley through his laptop, but when Danny found a video of Fitch breaking up with Riley he urges Riley to look at the video. At the funeral, Riley plays it, unfortunately all others do to when it was played on a tv screen. Fitch then showed up alive confused. Riley and Fitch then talk after, he states that he made that video to "protect himself". He then proposes and Riley says "i'm sorry" stating that shes not the one for him. She then opens the ring box and and gasps about the beauty of the ring. Fitch then asks if she's reconsidering. They laugh and the episode ends

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