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Emma Wheeler
Full Name

Emma Wheeler



Date of Birth

May 2012

Resides in

New York City, New York



Eye Color


Hair Color

Blonde [foremer] Brown


Ben Wheeler (Father)
Angela (Mother)
Ray Wheeler (paternal grandfather)
Bonnie Wheeler (paternal grandmother) Steve [step-grandfather] Brad [step-grandfather]
Danny Wheeler (paternal uncle, Godfather)


Tucker Dobbs (Godfather)
Riley Perrin (Godmother)

First Episode


Portrayed By

Ali and Susanne Hartman (Season 1)
Mila and Zoey Beske (Season 2)
Harper and Ember Husak (Season 3)
Sura and Kayleigh Harris (Seasons 4, 5)
Aubrey Fitzgerald (Seven-Year-Old Emma) (Season 4, Episode 18)
Annalisa Cochrane (Seventeen-Year-Old Emma) (Season 4, Episode 18)

Emma Wheeler is the daughter of Ben Wheeler and Angela . At three months old, she was abandoned by her mother on her father's doorstep and has been living with him ever since, living the life of a Wheeler, while also being looked after by Ben's friends and family.

Emma is currently portrayed by Sura and Kayleigh Harris.

Character History Edit

Emma's parents met at a Christmas Eve party in the Village, conceiving Emma roughly six weeks later. Immediately after they slept together, Angela disappeared, and as a result, Ben was completely unaware of Emma's existence until she was three months old, when Angela left her on Ben's doormat. She later came by with adoption papers so they could give Emma away to another family. Ben was going to sign them, but after spending a night by himself with her, he realized that he loved her and couldn't give her away, resolving to raise Emma as a single dad.

Because Ben works as a bartender at the Bar & B, he is not able to look after Emma 24/7, so she is often babysat by either her grandmother, her uncle Danny Wheeler, Ben's roommate, Tucker Dobbs, or Riley Perrin, all of whom have become Emma's extended family.

Emma said her first word in the season 4 episode, House of Cards, which was "dada".

As of My Fair Emma, she is 3-years old.

Relationships Edit

Ben Wheeler Edit

Ben is Emma's father and sole legal guardian. He did not know she existed until Emma was dropped on his doormat at 3 months old, and Ben briefly planned on letting Emma be adopted by another family who were seeking a baby. However, after spending a night alone with her, he realized he loved her and couldn't let her go. Emma lives in Ben's apartment, and sleeps in the same room as him. Though all of Ben's friends and family essentially help raise her, no one questions Ben's authority as her father and defer to him on important matters regarding her. Emma's first word was "dada", which she said in House of Cards.

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