Bonnie Wheeler
Bonnie Wheeler
Full Name

Bonnie Wheeler


Bon Bon ( By Brad ) Mrs Wheeler ( By Riley and Tucker ) Mom ( By Ben and Danny )



Date of Birth

October 19, 1969

Resides in

New York, NY



Eye Color


Hair Color



Danny Wheeler (son)
Ben Wheeler (son)
Emma Wheeler (granddaughter)
Unnamed grandson (via Danny and Riley)
Riley Perrin (daughter-in-law)
Brad (husband)
Unnamed daughter (Daughter)


Ray Wheeler (ex-husband)
Brad (husband)
Marshall Dobbs (fling)
Jone(two dates)


Tucker Dobbs
Riley Perrin

First Episode


Portrayed By

Melissa Peterman

Bonnie Wheeler is Ben and Danny's mother. She is a happy, outgoing, loud, and dramatic person who lies all the time. Bonnie loves her kids and her granddaughter more than anything. Bonnie has a teasing relationship with Tucker, who she sometimes gets into situations with. She loves to drink; her favorite wine is chardonnay. It is hinted many times throughout the series that Bonnie might have a drinking problem. She is married to Brad Walker (Brad the Pad) who she's had an on and off relationship with since season 3. She had originally wanted to be a model but those plans changed after having Danny. She later became a realtor. Bonnie is also in love with Bon Jovi. She describes herself as "a beautiful young woman"

Relationships: Edit

Bonnie's husband. Bonnie and Brad dated on and off again through season three and he eventually proposed in season four, with her saying yes. In season five Brad and Bonnie were officially married. They are very affectionate towards each other and love each other very much. He calls her Bon Bon.

Danny is Bonnie's oldest son. He is a professional hockey player, and Bonnie has been his manager for most of his career. In season 3 episode 17th she forfeits her managing job in return for keeping Danny on the Rangers, but without him knowing of this deal.

Ben is her youngest son who has a daughter named Emma. After becoming a father, Ben turns to his mother, Bonnie to help raise Emma. Ben also owns a bar with his brother Danny were Bonnie will occasionally help out.

Emma is Bonnie's granddaughter. She's also helping raise her.

A roommate of Danny's and Ben's. Bonnie is always teasing Tucker but the two are good friends and often get into hilarious situations together.

An old friend of Ben's and Danny's. It is shown that Bonnie doesn't get along with Riley, due to her comments about Riley's weight and parents. As the series progresses this relationship improves greatly.

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