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Ben Wheeler
Ben Wheeler
Full Name

Benjamin Bon Jovi Wheeler



Date of Birth

July 27, 1989

Resides in

New York, NY


Bar Owner/Bartender

Eye Color


Hair Color



Bonnie Wheeler (Mother)
Danny Wheeler (Brother)
Emma Wheeler (Daughter)
Betty Wheeler (Great Aunt)
Ray Wheeler (Father)
Unnamed Grandmother

Brad (Step-Father)


Riley Perrin (Ex-Girlfriend)
Angela (Ex-Girlfriend, One Night Stand, Baby Momma)
Cassie (Ex-Girlfriend)
Megan (Ex-Girlfriend)
Stephanie (Ex-Girlfriend)
Baylie (Fling)
Heather (Fling)
Georgie (Fling)
Zoey (Romantic interest)


Tucker Dobbs

First Episode


Portrayed By

Jean-Luc Bilodeau

Benjamin Bon Jovi "Ben" Wheeler (born July 27, 1989) is the main character of the series. Ben is a young man in his early 20s, who was enjoying the life of a bachelor as a bartender in New York City with his buddy Tucker and his brother Danny, until he finds out he knocked up his ex girlfriend, who left the baby girl on his door step. Ben is then forced to take responsibility; kick his old habits and learn how to take care of his baby girl. He is portrayed by Jean-Luc Bilodeau.

Character HistoryEdit

Season 1Edit

In the Pilot, Ben helps his brother Danny move in along with his best friend Tucker. They hear the doorbell ring to find Emma sitting on his doormat. He finds out by reading a letter that came with Emma that she is his child and his ex-girlfriend, Angela left Emma to him. Danny calls Riley to come help with the baby so that Ben and Tucker can go shopping for Emma. The next day Ben goes to work and he later gets a call from Danny saying Angela came over. She left adoption papers for Ben to sign to give Emma up for adoption. Later he's visited by his mom who tells him that she thinks that he should give Emma up considering he hasn't grown up himself yet. That night he's left alone with Emma and takes care of her. He then realizes that he loves Emma and can't give her up. The next morning he tells everyone that he's gonna keep Emma; after that him, Danny & Tucker all start planning on how everything is gonna work.


Tucker DobbsEdit

Tucker is Ben's best friend and roommate. Tucker is known to be there for Ben even during his worse plans. Tucker enjoys Ben's company and they are both very close. He's funny and an amazing actor.

Danny WheelerEdit

Danny is Ben's older brother who always has his back, except when it comes to Riley. Danny thinks that Ben does not deserve someone as great as Riley.

Riley PerrinEdit

Riley is Ben's long time friend who has a crush on him. In season 2 we find out that Ben has feelings for Riley as well but she doesn't know it yet. In season 3 they date.


Emma WheelerEdit

Emma is Ben's daughter. In the pilot episode Ben was shocked to find out that she is his daughter. But as the episode progresses Ben and Emma spend time together and Ben realizes that he loves Emma and couldn't give her away. Ben panics sometimes when Emma goes missing for a short period of time.

Bonnie WheelerEdit

Bonnie is Ben's mother who lives across the street from him. Ben often thinks his mom is overbearing, not that she cares. Bonnie is dating Brad a realtor.

Ray WheelerEdit

Ray is Ben's father and they seemingly have a good relationship. Ray tells Ben he is gay at the end of season 1 and Ben is seemingly okay with it.


Angela is Ben's ex-girlfriend who is also the mother to his daughter Emma. In the beginning of the series she is talked about a lot and seen only once by Danny in the Pilot when she dropped of the papers for adoption for Emma, Ben intended to talk to her but she left to soon for him to catch her. In Season 3 she is seen flirting with Ben and Ben even slept with her to get back at Riley for sleeping with Fitch (which she didn't do). Angela then leaves for a part in L.A, claiming that Ben was right, she wasn't ready to play house.


Megan is Ben's ex-girlfriend. They met at Emma's daycare, but she thought Ben was gay when they first met. Ben claims that he was in love with Megan at the beginning of their relationship but Megan said she did not love him back, claiming that she was in love with the first Ben she met but they make up and continue to date.They met at Emma's daycare and they eventually broke up because Megan felt like she couldn't trust him.


- When he was young his Aunt Betty gave him a lot of Money but his parents spent it on a vacation instead

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