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Surprise! You're a father! Bartender Ben comes home one day and finds that an ex-girlfriend has left a baby girl on his doorstep. The addition to Ben's family -- or having a family -- turns his life upside down. As a New York bachelor in his 20s, being a single dad doesn't fit his lifestyle. After much deliberation, Ben decides to raise the baby with help from his buddy Tucker, brother Danny, and hovering mom Bonnie. Also law student Riley -- once chubby, now slim -- wants Ben to take notice of her, but it's Danny who does. Will there be love in the air?
Season 1

"Pilot " - Ben's brother Danny moves into his apartment with him and his best friend/roomate, Tuckerafter he's gets traded. Shortly after, a girl names Angela leaves a three month baby girl by the name of Emma at Ben's doorstep. The guys don't know what to do, so Danny calls their old childhood friend, Rileyto come help. At the persuasion of Riley, Tucker, Bonnie and Danny, Ben thinks his best choice is to give Emma up for adoption, since Angela already had the papers filed. But Riley, Danny, and Tucker soon learn to believe that they think that Ben can raise Emma. After a night with Emma by himself, Ben thinks he can raise her too. He decides to keep her instead of giving her up for adoption.

"I Told You So" - Bonnie is worried that the guys can't handle taking care of Emma. Ben, wants to avoid his mother's "I told you so", so to prove her wrong they come up with a "plan". Unfortunatly the plan backfires, when they have trouble taking care of Emma. In a series if mishaps, Emma ends up accidentally being left alone in the guys apartment. Ben, feeling his first parental gut wrenching scare of feeling that he could have lost his child, realizes he needs to get his act together to really become a good parent to Emma.

"The Nurse and the Curse" - Ben and Tucker take baby Emma to her first doctor's appointment, and Ben ends up asking her nurse, Cassie out on a date. Riley


 is jealous of Ben's new relationship with Cassie, but tries to befriend her per Ben's request. Meanwhile, Danny has his first hockey game with the New York Rangers and he's very superstitious - he wears an old high school jersey that has never been washed to every game and Bonnie caters to his every ritual. Tucker, in an effort to clean up the apartment, washes Danny's jersey by accident and it shrinks down to a tattered mess - Danny is devastated. Ate the game, Cassie tells Riley she knows she likes Ben and directly insults her, saying Ben will only see her as "Fat Pants." This causes Riley to get into a girl fight with her, which is featured on the jumbotron. Emma was actually wearing Danny's lucky jersey, thanks to Tucker, and now she has become his good luck charm.

"Guys, Interrupted" - Bonnie's presence starts to bother the guys. When Danny and Tucker push Ben to kick his mom out of their apartement, he doesn't find the courage to do it.

"Married to the Job" - A baby shower is thrown at the Wheeler apartment for Emma and Bonnie gets her a girly stroller that the guys take back to exchange for a much cooler one that attracts women. Ben finds out that there is a new position opening up at the bar for a manager, but his boss doesn't think that he is responsible enough. When his boss thinks that Ben is married after seeing Riley with Emma, he reconsiders, since he nows thinks that Ben is a family man. Riley goes along with it and all goes well until Ben meets his boss' daughter at the meeting, who is the same girl that he had previously gotten a number from earlier before. Meanwhile, Danny and Tucker compete to see who can get the most phone numbers from random girls on the street with the help of the stroller, as Bonnie chases them around, looking to get the girly stroller back. At the end of the episode, Danny finally admits to Riley that he loves her, but she takes it as an act to get her out of the situation with Ben. 

"Take Her Out of the Ballgame " - Riley is voted as the new team captain of Ben and Tucker's softball team but takes the job too seriously. Tucker is tired of losing and when Riley jumps in to help them, he is excited about her until her competitive side come out and pushes the team to the limit. Emma can't stop playing with her food and spitting of splashing all over everyone. Meanwhile, Danny finds out that Bonnie is dating his coach, Hank (Tuc Watkins), and he is upset about it. 

"May the Best Friend Win" - Ben and Tucker find out they're dating the same woman and get in a fight where only one of them will survive and go out with the girl. Meanwhile, Danny gets help from Riley for his interview and Bonnie starts online dating. Throught out the episode, Ben and Tuckers' fight gets more and more serious but Danny wille be the one to break it down to Ben saying that they "are on a team. Being on a team means you have each others back". During his inspiring speech, Danny was caught on camera, meaning that he "passed" his interview without any trouble. Excited and unaware of his actions, Danny kissed Riley, suprised but a little happy.

"The Daddy Whisperer" - Ben receives coaching from a supermom, who recently has another reason for meeting him, while Bonnie and Riley get accused of Shoplifting when Emma grabs an item from the store.

"A Wheeler Christmas Outing" - It's the first-family-picture-with-Emma day and Granpa Danny Wheeler Sr. is coming to town just for this. Bonnie sees and opportunity to win her ex-husband back, but he keeps a secret that will change everything.

"Something Borrowed, Something Ben" - Riley is the maid of honor of her friend, Katie, and is planning everythign with a lot of serious. But Ben decides to invite and old troublemaker friend, Jean, to the party, pissing Riley off. The day of the wedding, Ben wakes up with Katie in his bed, but doesn't remember anything that happened. Katies freaks out and gets cold feet. She feels guilty of what she did or didn't do and doubts her love for Dave.When Bonnie, Tucker, Gene and Danny and shows up, Gene reveals that he's the one who put Ben and Katie in his bed.

Season 2

"I'm Not That Guy" - Since the wedding, Ben's feelings for Riley developped more and more. She tries to give him a chance but founds out that he made out with one of the bridesmaids after they were dancing on the roof together. Ben does everything he can to prove to her that he's not "that guy", but things get complicated.

"There's Something Fitchy Going On" - Ben's feelings for Riley are increasing but he is stopped by Fitch, Riley's new boyfriend. Ben is sure that he is hiding something and sees Fitch putting on a wedding ring. When his plan of telling Riley so she can break-up with Fitch backfires, they both have a little talk about Riley. When Fitch asks Ben if he loves Riley or not, he tells him that "he loves her enough as a friend to know that he can't stand in her way", meaning that he accepts that Fitch is dating Riley.

"The Wheeler and Dealer" - Ben and Bonnie disagree on Danny endorsing a Japanese energy drink. Riley and Tucker volunteer at a local hospital. 

"New Bonnie vs. Old Ben" - Bonnie moves into the apartment across the hall from Ben and Tucker's place; Ben and Tucker do all they can to get her to move out. Riley helps Danny break up with his supermodel girlfriend, Milena. 

"The Slump" - Ben is stuck in the middle when his latest fling Jenna (Anna Maria Perez de Taglé), is also a rival of Tucker's for a coveted job promotion. Danny begins seeing psychologist Dr. Amy Shaw (Lacey Chabert), to discuss his underperformance on the ice. 

"Ben's Big Gaycare Adventure" - Ben pretends that he and Tucker are a gay couple to have Emma admitted quicker in a local daycare and tries to date Megan (Grace Phipps), the assistant manager of the daycare. Riley begins to express her jealous feelings of Danny and Amy's relationship. Bonnie begins going to beauty school. 

"On the Lamb-y" - Ben, Tucker and Danny try to get Lamby, Emma's stuffed animal that she cannot manage to sleep without, from their new neighbor Kayla (Kelly Stables) who takes it from the elevator when Ben drops it. Meanwhile, Riley is hosting book club to impress her colleagues at the law firm, but with Bonnie being her roommate while her house is being fumigated causes a rivalry with Riley's mom, Jennifer (Caroline Rhea) and creates many disagreements during book club. 

"Never Ben in Love" - Ben has a hard time wanting to get intimate with Megan, he begins to think that he may be in love with her. Fitch passes away, with Riley now conflicted if she was ever in love with him. With Fitch's passing, Tucker comes up with a bucket list, which a calls a "Tucket List". Bonnie tries to move in romantically with Fitch's dad, Winston (Diedrich Bader). 

"All's Fair in Love and War" - Tucker rekindles the romance with his ex-girlfriend Vanessa (Meagan Tandy), which bothers Ben due to fact that they cannot get along. Vanessa is later hired as Ben's boss at the bar. Danny plays matchmaker for Riley to be set up with Gerard (Antonio Sabàto, Jr.), the goalie on his team. However, Gerard mistakenly thinks his date is with Bonnie. 

"Test Anxiety" - A pregnancy test is found in the apartment bathroom causing a misunderstanding with everyone. Riley fails her Bar exam for the third time. Amy's father (Andy Buckley) doesn't want Danny to date Amy anymore. 

"Whatever Lola Wants" - Ben is left in charge of watching Megan's dog Lola, but the dog is not fond of Ben. Lola is then stolen by a cleaning crew that Danny hired to clean the apartment. Riley attempts to be re-hired by her previous law firm and tries to convince her old boss, Mrs. Jensen (Kym Whitley) that she is tough enough to be a lawyer, by suing Bonnie for a botched tan job. 

"The Christening" - The Wheelers pretend to be a happy normal family when their Aunt Betty (Mary Pat Gleason) comes to town for Emma's christening. This also happens at a bad time when Ray's ex-boyfriend Steve (Robert Gant), also comes to town to win Ray back. Riley, who was named Emma's godmother, must mediate between Danny and Tucker on who should be Emma's godfather. 

"All Riled Up" - Ben feels its finally time to express his romantic feelings for Riley, so he takes her on a "pretend date". However, the "pretend date" leads to an actual date with Ben giving mixed messages about wanting to set up Riley with the perfect guy, when he really meant himself. Ben then sets Riley up with Kevin (Aaron Hill), the beer delivery who frequents the bar, with Ben giving Kevin false information on what to say on their date. Meanwhile, Bonnie and Tucker audition together as the mascots for the New York Rangers, much to Danny's chagrin. 

"The Emma Dilemma" - Ben tries to get Emma included in the playgroup hosted by his upstairs neighbor Kayla, who still has a grudge against him. Riley helps Danny understand the language of "girl" to patch things up with Amy. 

"Surprise!" - Ben decides to throw Riley a birthday party to make amends for ruining her sixteenth birthday party. Danny finally reveals to Ben that Riley has been in love with him since they were kids. Upon hearing this, he decides to set up a romantic date before taking her back to his apartment for her surprise party. However, things go awry when he loses her on the subway. Meanwhile, Bonnie and Tucker get in contact with Angela (Mimi Gianopolus), Emma's mother, after realizing that Bonnie never sent in the paperwork granting Ben sole custody of Emma.  Riley finds her way back to Ben's apartment and says she realized Ben ditched her when she was in the Bronx and that it was the worst birthday ever. After Danny hears that Ben lost Riley on the subway, he berates him by saying that he knew that he would hurt her feelings if he told him that she was in love with him. Amy overhears this and tearfully breaks up with Danny. Ben returns inside and explains to Riley that he lost her and what his plans were and she tries to leave but he stops and kisses Riley, who kisses him back. Angela is standing in Ben's doorway and states that after seeing a picture of a smiling Emma, she decided that she misses her and wants her back. After Riley's party, Tucker asks Danny if he's okay with Ben dating Riley and he days yes, while also revealing that he got a tattoo of Amy's name on his writ before she broke up with him, and a wrist tatoo of Riley's name, on the other.

"Emma's First Christmas" - Ben and Danny shop at the last minute to but Emma the perfect toy, which leads to them making a deal with Edwin (Leslie Jordan), a shady mall elf. Tucker and Riley are appointed Bonnie's "little helpers", to help pull of the perfect Christmas for the apartment.

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